Ethiopia: Spring Capping Water Systems

DavTee Society partners with Hope International Development Agency for this project.

Five in ten children under the age of six die from water disease each day in Africa. In 2008 we raised enough funds to supply a village in the Derashe region with fresh water.


In 2010 Hope International finished capping springs in the Derashe region and have moved to the next region to start working in another area that desperately needs clean accessible water. The method used is very basic. A hydrologist is sent in to interview and find a pure spring water source. The villagers are responsible to provide the physical labor portion of the project and Hope International provides the expertise as well as health education for each household. The spring is capped and piped to the village, with a water point within 10 minutes of any household. A gravity fed system is utilized as there is virtually no maintenance required after the system is complete.

Hybena is a village of 6623 people which we sponsored in 2007. The costs of supplying water to Hybena works out to $12.08 per year per person. The water systems are designed to last at least 20 years so you are helping future generations.


Together we can change the world.