President Letter

Letter from the President

What if you were that one child?

Reflecting on 2009, I have to wonder where the year went. I take this time to write this because too often I tend to push ahead and not take the time to tell others of where we have been and what we have done. We can get caught up in our day to day lives and forget what the most important things to us are: the ones we love.

In 2009 DavTee Society like many other organizations and individuals had its struggles. We did fundraisers that were not financially. They were very successful with respect to spreading the word to the public that there are people in desperate need, both locally and globally. The difficult part for us to realise is that no matter what our difficulties are we are not in a day to day struggle to survive.

I know there are many in Canada that need assistance as well. This is why when we speak, we ask that those who feel they want to help someone need to follow where their heart leads them, whether locally with a neighbour, or globally in a country where tomorrow’s meal is not in the cupboard. We ask that people help somewhere, someone, ANYONE.

As a child I grew up well below the poverty line. Regardless, I have seen that compared to different parts of the world, I was fortunate. I still had food to eat, a safe home, access to clean water, and my life was not at risk on a daily basis. I ask that you take a moment to think about what it would be like to face these struggles. To be that person. That child. A child that is unknown, with no one there to notice you are gone.

Someone needs to notice, someone needs to care. These children, these parents need help. They are not asking for a hand out, they are more willing to work for pennies than they are to sit and do nothing. Pennies mean a chance to eat; sitting is to accept the reality of defeat.

A large percentage of our society is in a position to help someone. There are countries where a dollar a day will allow an entire family to eat and give children the opportunity to go to school. I’m not sure how many millions of children will die this year because of lack of clean water, food, shelter, medicine, a safe environment. Many times I have seen with my own eyes the despair of children, parents, and elderly. We moved forward to do what we could to alleviate the daily struggles of so many in the world. Many of us have the ability to end that one child’s suffering without feeling any effect to our lifestyle.

We need to take a moment in our day to think about our children, our loved ones. Realize that something tragic could affect their lives today, tomorrow, this month, this year. Then we need to ask ourselves, “What would we give or do to insure that did not happen to them?” Who then will help the children who have no means to help themselves? Who will step forward and replace the tears and hunger pains and instead put a smile on the face of an unknown child? Please let it be you.