Bread For Life


Bread for Life Bakery Program

Who doesn't like buns fresh from the oven?

The Bread for Life fundraiser was successful and we received adequate funds to initiate the bakery program.

David and Teresa travelled to Chihuahua , Chih, Mexico in March 2011 to set up the Bread for Life bakery program. Additional funds are  required to complete the project. These funds would be used to make the bakery more efficient and assist with monthly baking supplies for the start up period.



 Last bun left!!

Earlier we had discussed with Pastor Jorge and the church elders that DavTee Society puts a priority on projects that allow self sufficiency for programs and have potential for employment training. We invited them to put in proposals for projects of this type.

Pastor Jorge put a proposal to DavTee Society and the City of Chihuahua to start a bakery program. The City of Chihuahua’s Entrepreneur Association for social programs donated and installed an industrial oven. The industrial oven has the capacity to bake 12 trays of flat buns/cookies or 6 trays of buns that require room to rise. We could bake 120 buns in twelve minutes or 280 cookies in ten minutes

There is a storage room next to the kitchen that will be converted into the bakery room.

DavTee Society agreed to buy equipment and pay for start up costs for a bakery program. The Bread for Life program has a two-fold advantage. The baked goods will be served at El Comedor [soup kitchen] in order to allow self sufficiency. The other advantage is that Bread for Life will also be another employment training program.

During this trip to Chihuahua we bought equipment and supplies and set up the Bread for Life bakery program. We made the first batch of buns and cookies the same evening that the mixer was delivered. Every-one was too excited to wait until the next day!

Ana and Adrian mixing the first batch of dough


Adrian is a baker who has agreed to volunteer to teach baking skills to people at El Comedor. He will start by teaching the women who volunteer cooking meals at El Comedor. Then Adrian and these women would teach baking skills to low income people from the surrounding poverty stricken area. After completing the training program at El Comedor the students would attain the necessary skills that will enable them to seek employment in a bakery or related field. This will enhance their employability and empower them to raise their standard of living.

Adrian baking the first batch of buns


We bought:

1.       An industrial strength mixer that has 3 attachments (bread dough, cake dough, and whipping)

2.       Cooling rack with wheels (can hold 18 large baking trays) to put trays of dough when it is rising & trays for cooling

3.       9 large cookie sheets (they had 4 already) so they can have a set of 12 – 6 baking & 6 cooling

4.       Baking supplies


The Bread for Life program is up and running but we do require more equipment and supplies to be more efficient.


Other necessary items:

1.       Steel table to make buns etc. on

2.       Floor stand for industrial mixer

3.       Shelves for baking supplies

4.       1 – 4 oven racks

5.       12 more trays

6.       Baking supplies