How DavTee Began

DavTee Society: Caring for People Around the World is an Incorporated Society, receiving approval from the Alberta Societies Act, November of 2007, and has applied for charitable status. This is the story of what led us to form DavTee Society.

David and Teresa’s first direct service to others who are less fortunate was when we heard a young man talk of how fortunate he felt for himself and his family. He had healthy children, a home, a job, and food. Something most of us know but subconsciously have tuned out, are the millions who suffer daily.

He spoke of a young boy; we will call him 'Mathew', who had been like every other young boy, full of life and excitement. Mathew was very young and had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. The shock of listening to him speak of the speed at which the disease had changed Mathew was the drive for us to do something.

This wake up call reminded us of how fortunate we are when it comes to our children. Who can’t remember the first steps, the laughter and excitement of our child as they opened presents, when they first learned to ride a bike, when they run up and put their arms around us and hug us as tight as they can and say “I love you.” Who cannot remember this?

It was a month before Christmas when Teresa and myself decided to do something for Mathew and his Mother. Christmas has become a time of increased stress to the majority of our society. Mathew was taking chemo treatments in the city and was expected to be there for the next several months.  Would they have presents?

We wanted to give something to both of them. After talking to a few friends we put together several thousand dollars in donations. I went to a retailer here in town and explained what we were doing and they assisted in the costs of a new X-Box, a flat screen TV and some games. We purchased a coat for the mom and along with the remaining cash, boxed the gifts and everything was ready for shipment. We arranged for our 3 children to bring the gifts to Mathew and his mother in the hospital.

Our children were so taken by Mathew. Mathew, like any little boy, grabbed our 2 sons by the hand as soon as they entered the residence and went to show them the play area. Our daughter spent time with his mother talking and watched them play.This meeting touched us all. Our children with seeing what it means to a little boy and his mother to have strangers show compassion. Mathew sent us a handwritten thank-you card, which we treasure. For Teresa and myself how helping someone in need shows us what is truly important. For leading us into forming DavTee Society: Caring for People Around the World.

Our society is dedicated to assisting the poor to attain a base source of food, water, clothing and education. Locally we coordinated the development of a wheelchair accessible bedroom, bathroom and play area for a child with debilitating disease.

Teresa and myself (David Plante) have been volunteering in Mexico for the last 4 years. With the assistance of other dedicated local people we raised funds to complete the new soup kitchen and at present feeding 100 children Monday to Friday.

On our second trip to Chihuahua, Mexico we helped put a ceiling in the local church. We also assisted a lady who had brain surgery a few months before we our trip. She was emaciated and still feeling the effects of the surgery. With the help of a local Grande Prairie couple, we were able to provide her & her 2 young children with food, medicine, propane, household supplies and warm blankets. It was heart-wrenching when the little boy bypassed the toys and wrapped himself in a warm fuzzy blanket, giggled and said: "I'm going to be so warm tonight!" It brought tears to our eyes and an ache to our hearts.

We have volunteered with Hope International Development Agency for a few years before we started our own non-profit organization. We raised enough in 3 weeks, for Hope International to provide a water system in a remote area of Southern Ethiopia. We returned from a review of the completed project December 11, 2007. In the village of Hybena, 6623 people now have clean water. It is amazing to see the changes that having clean, accessible, water makes for these people. They were very happy to see us & arranged a celebration with music & dancing.

For 2008:

We will continue to work with Hope International Development Agency to fund water systems (funds have been raised for the Derashe Region), the HIV Counseling, Testing & Prevention Center as well as The Orphan and Library Programs. In February we funded the first water well in Cambodia, and have instituted a drive to fund 10 other wells.

A 40’ C-Can has been donated which will be filled with textbooks & school supplies that will be shipped to Ethiopia this fall.

We will continue to work in Chihuahua Mexico with the maintenance cost of feeding the children. A sewing program has been initiated to teach women in a poverty stricken area to sew saleable items so they can earn enough to feed their families. These programs will be set up to become self-sustaining.

We have many more ideas for worthwhile projects! We will continue to look for God's guidance for DavTee Society.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

We are a Christian based nondenominational society dedicated to assisting and empowering those who live in poverty.

Thank You
David Plante (President)

March 2008