Hello. Please allow us to introduce ourselves,  We're DavTee Society!

 The name DavTee is an amalgamation of David & Teresa (the founding members of DavTee Society).  We are a local non profit society developed to work with local people to make a difference in the world.

We are situated in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  From feeding destitute children in Mexico to spring capping water projects in Ethiopia, water wells in Cambodia, and assisting orphans in Ethiopia, and sewing programs in Mexico,and sending educational supplies to Ethiopia,... There is a project for everyone.


ART WITH A CAUSE - the sequel

Peace Wapiti Academy (PWA) approached DavTee Society to hold another "Art with a Cause" fundraiser. On June 2 we will have a silent auction. The high school art students would like to donate their art to auction off. We will also have items from other local artists as well as items from Mexico for people to bid on. This year Art with a Cause is being held  during the Fine arts evening at PWA (11410 - 104 St, Grande Prairie). Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Check here for more details!!

The funds raised will be very helpful to people in Mexico who are struggling under the crushing weight of poverty. DavTee Society's programs in Chihuahua Mexico help feed hungry children at El Comedor (soup kitchen) and provide employment training opportunites to people with low incomes in our Sewing & Bread for Life bakery program. (see 'Projects' for more details) 

The students are excited about being able to help people in Mexico.

In order to gain attention for the plight of those in need we decided we needed something innovative. David & Teresa have a race car that we have been using to promote DavTee Society and Hope International Developement Agency who we also work with.

We bring the car to local events and when we speak at schools and churches. We also drive it around town. People really notice the race car because it is wrapped in pictures from Ethiopia! We combined David's love of racing and his passion to help those less fortunate to create this car. Our focus is to provide opportunities for poverty stricken people to have a better chance in life.


Millions of people around the world have been born into circumstances beyond their control. Poverty is a disease that adversely affects a staggering amount of people daily. Many of these people do not have the basic requirements for life such as clean accessible water, adequate food supplies and shelter from the elements. They may also lack employment opportunities and access to education. To find out how you can empower change in our world, read on!!!

Are you part of a small group of people who want to make a difference in the world?

Follow the example of McLeod School in British Columbia. It is a small rural school with approximately 40 students. They did a fundraiser with DavTee Society and raised over $1300!

These funds have been sent to Hope International to fund a water project in Ethiopia. Now a village in Southern Ethiopia will have access to clean water thanks to these students.

Together We Can Change the World.